Available to Purchase from Audible – Dead of Night

Dead of Night - The Blood Curse Chronicles - (Volume 1)

Available to Purchase from Audible

The Dead of Night

The Dead of Night

A beautifully written Vampire romance with sinister under currents - by James Agee Jr. is now available on Audible via this link.


All families have secrets. Some are worth dying for. The Vasile family owns a funeral home in Frederickton, Virginia. For the most part, life in this small town is ideal. However, there is one secret they try to hide - a secret that could destroy their lives as they know it. They are vampires. When a strange girl comes to town for her grandmother’s funeral, new information is uncovered. There is a chance the Vasiles and all other vampires will know a day when they can become human and break the blood curse that has plagued vampires for centuries.

©2017 James Agee Jr. (P)2018 James Agee Jr.

Narrated by Jamie Dione, 2018.


I couldn’t wait for the Fenian Warrior series to get to Audible and I am pleased to say I can’t wait for the next in this series. Conn and Ivy’s story held me captive from beginning to end. Jamie Dione is absolutely fabulous carrying male and female roles with that wonderful brogue.

Cyndi – Audible Reviews – March 2018
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