Cajun Dusk

Available to Purchase from Audible – Cajun Dusk

Cajun Dusk - The Blood Curse Chronicles - (Volume 2)

Available to Purchase from Audible

Cajun Dusk


Cajun Dusk - A beautifully written Vampire romance with sinister under currents - by James Agee Jr. is now available on Audible via this link.

Synopsis - Cajun Dusk

A war can divide a city. Standing united can change the world.

New Orleans is torn as vampires battle those with magical abilities. Those who know of the war have chosen their side, creating a predicament for Christoph and Talia as they continue their quest to break the curse plaguing the vampires.

In a place where one wrong step could mean the difference of life or death, making true progress may end up being an act of war.

Will Christoph and his companions be able to uncover the information that will lead them closer to breaking the blood curse?

©2017 James Agee Jr. (P)2018 James Agee Jr.

Narrated by Jamie Dione, 2018.


“Fast turn around and great quality final audio, all at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Jamie for any mastering work that meets ACX standards,”

Andrew Branwell: ACX Mastering – December 2017
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