Available to Purchase from Audible – Nightfall Empire – by James Agee Jnr.

Nightfall Empire (The Blood Curse Chronicles - Book 4)

Available to Purchase from Audible

Nightfall Empire -  is now available on Audible via this link.

Synopsis - Moonrise Souls

Nightfall Empire - Christoph and the others find their journey so far has led them to Japan, a place of mystery and folklore. Dangerous yokai are only the beginning of their problems.

A vampire known as the Dark One is building an empire that will change the world forever. Amassing his followers and seeking vengeance on the innocent is only the beginning of his plans to secure his place at the very top of the food chain.

Everything depends on the only group of vampires that has the power to stop the Dark One from seeing his plan come to fruition. The fate of the entire world depends upon them.

©2018 James Agee Jr. (P)2018 James Agee Jr.


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