Jamie Dione

An accomplished British voice actor with a flexible vocal range to give resonance and variety to your projects.

Jamie Dione provides a warm, rich and reassuring British voice over, that is  approachable and authoritative. All work has a fast turn around from his professional home studio in the Midlands. He is able to attend your own studio if required, and at short notice.

He also has an impressive range of vocal characterisations, so if you are looking  for something a little bit different, such as  a growling ogre to a svelte English gentleman or a voice capturing the serene majesty of rolling landscape, contact Jamie now.




Narrator Jamie Dione tells the story of a duel to the death between the top agents of the Mossad and Iranian special forces, just like a soldier telling it to his mates over scotch and cigars. What makes the story scary and prescient is that it is set in a war that breaks out after […]

Sam Slade – Audible Reviews – May 2018