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About Jamie

Jamie Dione is a 45 year old British voice actor who lives and works in the Midlands. He has a wide range of acting experience, on stage, as a supporting artist on screen, singing in a band and presenting on local radio.

Vocal Acting

His real love though is vocal acting. He enjoys bringing to life the written word, so the listener can feel the atmosphere and emotion that the original author was trying to convey.

Range of Accents and Styles

Jamie's original accent is quintessentially English but he is able to adapt to fit a range of accents and styles and is very adept to leaning new accents if a piece requires it. His voice also has a good deal of character and whilst works really well on a great literacy work, also fits in well with a documentary style of reading.


The voice over talents extend far beyond that of audiobooks and audio documentaries however. Jamie has often been involved in some of the more alternative aspects of voice over work which have included, voicing the Giant the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk, and growling as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

In addition to this Jamie welcomes new opportunities such as voice over work for internet / viral videos, video games, commercials and corporate presentations.

Approachable and Adaptable

What ever the project Jamie is a friendly and approachable person who is adaptable and will work hard to ensure that it is completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client. For more information about the his work please browse this website for samples or contact him directly below.




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