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Your Audio

You have spent hours recording the perfect piece of work, but that is not the end of the story. Editing and mastering can take almost three times as long again. It's laborious and takes up valuable recording time.

Our Service

Using state of the art equipment and software we can edit your work, from your own rough cut, so that it has good pace and flows well. We can then master it so that it meets the required ACX audio standards. Next we will reduce the volume of your breaths to give a smooth high quality audio track. Finally we will convert the files to ACX compliant MP3's with the correct file naming protocols.



Mastering Only
Mastering to ACX Technical Standards
Per Finished Hour of Audio

High Quality Mastering that meets ACX technical standards

Compression and equalising techniques for crisp clear narration

PRIORITY SERVICE available for a 5 day turn around - for an additional £5 per finished hour.

Mastering, Debreathing & Noise Reduction
High quality Masting with manual removal of breaths and
Per Finished Hour of Audio

High Quality Mastering that meets ACX technical standards

De-breathing - Manual removal of extraneous breaths and background noise that detract from the narration.

PRIORITY SERVICE available for a 7 day turn around - for an additional £10 per finished hour.

Script Checking Service
An add on to our other services to ensure your script is accurate.
Per Finished Hour of Audio

If you provide your script, we will check it when we finalise your audio to ensure accuracy.

We will inform you of any mistakes in the narration,

We will provide an editing service on any new audio you send us, so it blends seamlessly into your existing narration.

15 Minute Audio Sample
only £10

A high quality audio sample to send to the author

Using the same processes as our final audio books.

All for just £10

Note: Prices are quoted in £ - Sterling, please allow for any conversion rate for your own currency and additional charges from your card provider.

Each audio track is carefully edited and mastered into the final audio track by a professional studio technician. Their job is to ensure consistency between each element of the recording, and maintain a good balance using high-end professional equipment to do the job, without compromise.

What do I Need to Send

When you decide to use your editing and mastering service we will set up a shared Dropbox account and create a folder for each chapter of your audiobook. You will need to upload your audio files to the correct folders. You will also need to send a copy of the manuscript, if you want to take advantage of the checking service.

When we have mastered the final cut, we will send the mastered files back to you.


Payment is required before the completed files are returned and you sent an invoice that can be paid online using all major credit/debit cards.

Please Note: ACX can reject files for reasons other than meeting the required audio standards. A final mastering is only as good as the original recording, and you should ensure that your recording space is free from extraneous noise and reverb. Jamie Dione can not be held responsible if an audio file is rejected for reasons beyond meeting the required audio standards.


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