Available to Purchase from Audible – Dead of Night

Dead of Night - The Blood Curse Chronicles - (Volume 1)

Available to Purchase from Audible

The Dead of Night

The Dead of Night

A beautifully written Vampire romance with sinister under currents - by James Agee Jr. is now available on Audible via this link.


All families have secrets. Some are worth dying for. The Vasile family owns a funeral home in Frederickton, Virginia. For the most part, life in this small town is ideal. However, there is one secret they try to hide - a secret that could destroy their lives as they know it. They are vampires. When a strange girl comes to town for her grandmother’s funeral, new information is uncovered. There is a chance the Vasiles and all other vampires will know a day when they can become human and break the blood curse that has plagued vampires for centuries.

©2017 James Agee Jr. (P)2018 James Agee Jr.

Narrated by Jamie Dione, 2018.


Now, the narrator… OMG! Jamie Dione has the sexiest voice I have EVER heard. Wow! Even his female voices were well done, not forced and not too high (which I find with some male narrators). But Dione’s voice with that accent Irish? Scottish?, Gaelic? Wow! I could listen to him over and over. It was […]

Krista Jasper – Audible Reviews – April 2018